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All White Party 2018

Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations To…..


Lorene Yarbrough Perry Scholarship 2018 winners
Joi-Damaris Ojiugo Blue
Robin White Jr.

Yinett Multi-Professional Services Scholarship 2018 winners
Ronald Wiltz lll
Taylor K Anderson


Story time with Santa

Reindeer Crew

Milk & Cookie break

Team Northpole
Perfect gift for a perfect princess

Winter Wonderland Ball

Love Shouldn’t Hurt everyone showed up to Fight Domestic Violence #Winter Wonderland Ball 2017



TCCF Scholarships

Texas Community Charities Foundation is in the business of serving our communities in every way we can. One way we have decided to help is to partner with other groups to create scholarship funds that will help hard working students in Texas communities achieve their dreams of a higher education.

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TCCF Back to School 2017

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